Jersey City Board of Education PS#3 and MS#4 Schools
Public Address/Intercom, Visual Displays, Classroom Video Projection, Auditorium Professional Sound, Touchscreen Control Systems for Video Projectors and Screens, CCTV, and Card Access Control Solutions.CES provided an integrated video, Visual Displays, and Classroom Video Projection systems in all classrooms in the school. The public Address/Intercom and Master Clock Remote Management Systems were provided and integrated with other Video, CCTV, and card access systems.
Rutgers University
CES has provided public address, and professional sound solutions for the soccer, baseball, track, basketball and most recently services for the Rutgers Football Field public address system
Newark Board of Education Washington Carver High School
Public Address/Intercom, Visual Displays, Voice Recognition, and Master Clock Remote Management.
CES created a custom solution to provide voice recognition through the public address system and transposed the spoken word to into visual emergency pages in classrooms designed for hearing impaired students.
Stafford Performing Arts Center
Professional sound systems with central speaker cluster remote power amplification, monitors, side and back fill speakers.