CES Healthcare Case Studies

Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital

New Brunswick, NJ Robert Wood Johnson University Medical Center – specializes in the full spectrum of diagnostic and interventional cardiac services as well as electrophysiology, cardiac surgery including robotics, heart transplantation and artificial heart devices.CES installed Intergrated nurse call with wireless phones and centralized code blue.This solution helpled get critical data including code blue and messages to the proper care giver in a timely manor.

St. Peters University Medical Center
New Brunswick, NJSt. Peters University Medical Center as teaching hospital specializes in level 3 Neonatal  care and all areas of health care services.CES provided networked nurse call communication platforms with intergrated code blue.The goal of this installation was to improve patient satisfaction by improving response times.

Monmouth Medical Center
Long Branch, NJMonmouth Medical Center Hospital covers a wide range of acute care and medical surgical services.  The hospital continues to be in the forefront in providing state-of-the-are medical care.Coskey’s has enhanced patient and staff communications with the installation of nurse call, intercom, and centralized code blue equipment. Coskey’s solutions have reduced overhead paging and noise throughout the facility.

JL Montgomery Care Center
Freehold, NJ Montgomery Care Center specializes in special needs requirements with their patients/residents.  These areas of expertise include rehabilitation with paraplegic / quadriplegics and special needs patients. The goal of this installation was to improve patient response time scores by providing the Nursing Director with critical response time caregiver data and updating the existing fire alarm Life Safety Systems.

Cheshire Home
Florham Park, NJCheshire Home specializes in special needs requirements with rehabilitation needs.  These areas of expertise include rehabilitation services with paraplegic / quadripligics and special needs patients.CES was chosen to provide a West Call nurse call system with full duplex audio between the caregiver and patient rooms and all bathrooms.CES provided West-Call duplex nurse call systems. The goal of this installation was to provide true duplex audio between the patient and all bathrooms with the finest audio clarity on the market today.